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Data Recovery Files lost Harddrive failure, Let us help !

CR Recovery Center , Our data recovery expertise for data recovery from every kind of strorage including Harddrive for Notebook & PC or External Hard Drive with our data recovery specialists that have a experience in recovery data from your hard drive to guarantee your data back up to 100 % with our special clean room lab and almost every harddisk spare part.

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  5. Comfortable travel with MRT and no traffic jam with our head office you can be sure you don’t take a risk from other data recovery which is no standard. We accept hard drive with Thailand Post and Kerry Express
  6. Authorization to disassemble the hard drive without warranty void from Western Digital and Seagate. Recovery data and claim your a new harddrive. ( In case your warranty not expired and not disassemble or recovery from other data recovery center before. )

Data Recovery Service Hotline: 062-919-7966

Address for deliver Harddisk for data recovery

  • CR Data Recovery, 238 / 48 Floor 5 , Srivarah Mansion Building 2, Soi Nathong 3 , Ratchadapisak Road, Din Daeng District, Bangkok 10400 Or
  • Search Google Maps keyword “CR Data Recovery” or Click on Icon below
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Because your data matter

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